About Us

Taylor’s Heroes was founded by Taylor’s mother, Leslie Miller, and his aunt, Suzanne D’Iorio, to honor Taylor’s memory and his efforts and success in becoming healthy, fit and happy during his life. They know the best way to honor Taylor is through helping others – Taylor would have wanted that.


Our mission is to help children who want to get fit accomplish their goal by providing them with the resources they need to succeed in a fun, non-competitive, easy format. We understand that we are only a small part of the equation because the desire must be within, and for the best chance for success, the parents must be involved in the entire process – it’s a family effort. That’s why we require that parents also commit to the program, this way we create healthier and happier families, not just children.


We work closely with local organizations, like the Saratoga Y, to create a program that fits each child’s interests, and will give them the best chance for success. Families also receive nutritional counseling and cooking classes.


Taylor’s Heroes is completely free to the children we accept into the program. We are committed to helping as many children and families as we can so spread the word!


Meet the Team


Beverly Benfer, MS PT

Certified Holistic Health Coach, AADP

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  ….Gandhi

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ….Hippocrates

Beverly was born and raised in Plattsburgh, New York.  She moved to Saratoga in the late 1980’s after residing in Philadelphia and Hong Kong.

Beverly is trained as a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a group workshop presenter through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), focusing on nutrition and physical fitness to include  the  “Full Circle of Life” coaching  integrating career, relationships, spirituality and mindfulness. “Habits take up to 6 months to change, I guide my clients through these tough permanent changes in their lifestyle.”  Upon entering her 40’s Beverly realized the importance of a clean natural diet combined with healthy habits that directly relate to a healthy energetic lifestyle.  This translates over to longevity, minimizing the risks of common health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s/dementia, and general inflammatory physical deterioration of the body.   Her focus is educating clients on improving their health and wellness naturally, providing a ripple effect to their children and others in their lives.  Her private business is Karmic Synergy Wellness.  (http://www.karmicsynergywellness.com)

Beverly received her combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Physical Therapy degree from Russell Sage College in Troy, NY.  Beverly enjoys practicing Physical Therapy at Integrative Physical Therapy in Clifton Park,  NY because of their approach to “the body as a whole”-  not just treating the injury site, along with the quality treatment time each patient receives.  She feels it is important to help clients understand how their daily activity, posture and habits may be the root to their pain.  “I feel as though I am a body detective.”  (www.inspiredtherapy.com)

Beverly was involved as a fitness instructor in Philadelphia, Asia and the Saratoga area over a combined 30 years.  She enjoys cooking, gardening, skiing, running, hiking, and raising her two amazing teenage children with her husband Don.  


Visit her personal Karmic Synergy Wellness website, in addition to the Integrative Physical Therapy office, both listed above.