About Us

Taylor’s Heroes was founded by Taylor’s mother, Leslie Miller, and his aunt, Suzanne D’Iorio, to honor Taylor’s memory and his efforts and success in becoming healthy, fit and happy during his life. They know the best way to honor Taylor is through helping others – Taylor would have wanted that.


Our mission is to help children who want to get fit accomplish their goal by providing them with the resources they need to succeed in a fun, non-competitive, easy format. We understand that we are only a small part of the equation because the desire must be within, and for the best chance for success, the parents must be involved in the entire process – it’s a family effort. That’s why we require that parents also commit to the program, this way we create healthier and happier families, not just children.


We work closely with local organizations, like the Saratoga Y, to create a program that fits each child’s interests, and will give them the best chance for success. Families also receive nutritional counseling and cooking classes.


Taylor’s Heroes is completely free to the children we accept into the program. We are committed to helping as many children and families as we can so spread the word!


Meet the Team